About me:

I’m an experienced finance professional and licensed stockbroker looking to use my experience in these areas along with my ability to code to create useful processes and analysis. I have a degree in business administration from University of Missouri St. Louis and have taught myself VBA, C++, python and SQL. I started out working with visual basic to manipulate excel files and progressed to using macros to control outlook and communicate with the mainframe terminals using IBM reflections. After discovering that I could automate tasks for my work I began reading books and watching lectures online to learn C++ . To practice coding I completed nearly every C++ challenge on hackerrank.com.

In more recent roles I have been a heavy user of SQL and have used it to provide risk analysis as well as make business cases to interested parties. Additionally I have created reporting through Tableau and Excel which is often automated with the use of Tableau Server or C#.  Using these tools I help to provide insight into market risk for both front lines teams and upper management.

When developing new reporting or answering questions from business partners I work to understand their needs and provide timely results.  I believe communication is important and work to ensure that end users are happy with any result. I borrow ideas from agile development and try to provide results as I get them to ensure that all parties are aware of progress and work to provide results that answer any questions as they arise. My experience and knowledge that comes from working in finance operations and risk provides me with a foundation to understand the clients needs.